Acorns! It’s true — older neighborhoods have great trees. One of the benefits of living in an established neighborhood is having beautiful mature trees. Ours has native Texas trees, like mighty oaks, not the small ornamental types. That seems special in the fall.

I love that trees provide shade for summer and gorgeous fall colors now. And, are you seeing lots more acorns this year?!

Some people blow all the acorns into a wide pile and watch the squirrels at the “buffet.” You can plant an acorn so your children can see where trees come from. (Link in comments)

Amazing Acorn Facts…

  • North America has about 90 species of oaks & all produce acorns.
  • Oak trees are 20+ years old to produce acorns. 50 – 80 yr old trees are in peak acorn production.
  • One huge oak can drop up to 10,000 acorns in a mast year!
  • Ducks, deer, raccoons, squirrels, foxes, turkeys, and other birds and mammals rely on acorns as a key food source.

Plant an acorn with your children & learn more about acorns: